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The Chicago Trilogy
Forthcoming in 2022 from TouchPoint Press. Become a Friend of Frank now for publication news, updates, appearances and more. You may opt out at any time, no questions asked, and we never share contact info except with your permission. See "Quick Links" (below right).

To Love Mercy

Book 1 of The Chicago Trilogy


“What happens when urban worlds collide? TO LOVE MERCY portrays 1940s Chicago from the South Side to Riverview [Amusement Park], with a focus on two boys, one from Bronzeville, one from Hyde Park. What makes it so remarkable is the careful — loving — care to get the words and cadences right from Chicago of the era of our childhood. A wonderful, very special book.” 

—Gary T. Johnson, President, Chicago Historical Society

To Walk Humbly

Book 2 of The Chicago Trilogy


After that wild night in June 1948, chasing a mysterious silver talisman across a menacing city, Steve Feinberg and Jesse "Sass" Trimble both knew the world wouldn't let them stay friends. But now it's four years later, the '50s, and that world is starting to crumble. In TO WALK HUMBLY, the second instalment of the "Chicago Trilogy." Steve and Sass meet once more at Hyde Park High School, not sure how to work things out ... and not sure they want to. But the mysterious silver talisman still is missing, and now it is linked to the life -- and grisly death -- of a Black boy from Chicago, tortured and murdered in Mississippi for supposedly flirting with a white girl.

To Do Justice

Book 3 of The Chicago Trilogy


"TO DO JUSTICE drops you into the white-hot center of the 1966 Chicago race riots and gives you a street-level view of what happened and why. The big names are here -- Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson, Richard Daley, to name a few. But the beating heart of this dramatic story is that of an orphaned biracial girl forced into the streets by an abusive foster parent ... and the hard-working AP reporter who befriends her and helps solve the mystery of her peculiar parentage. Beautifully written and eerily in-tune with the racial concerns of our own time, TO DO JUSTICE is a must-read for anyone interested in one of the most turbulent moments in American history and how it still reverberates in our collective consciousness."

-Richard Armstrong, author, "The Next Hurrah" & "The Don Con"