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To Love Mercy

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TO LOVE MERCY ... a tale of blacks and whites, Christians and Jews, how children view the world, conflict and forgiveness ... and Chicago in 1948. Here's what the critics say ...

"A pulsating tour of mid-20th-century Chicago and of racial and ethnic divisions. Innovative and enjoyable."  -- James Squires, former Editor, The Chicago Tribune

"TO LOVE MERCY portrays 1940s Chicago from the South Side to Riverview, with a focus on two boys, one from Bronzeville, one from Hyde Park. What makes it so remarkable is the careful - loving - care to get the words and cadences right from Chicago of the era of our childhood. A wonderful, very special book." -- Gary T. Johnson, President Chicago Historical Society

"A compelling fable of hope and reconciliation told in a new and unique narrative voice. If you like Chicago you'll love TO LOVE MERCY." -- Peter M. Rutkoff, author, Shadow Ball: A Novel of Baseball and Chicago.

"Frank S. Joseph, one of America's good writers, possesses an ability to capture the words and scenes of real people in ways that are always artful, often stunning. TO LOVE MERCY is a truly fine piece of literature" -- Thomas J. Cottle, author, When the Music Stopped: Discovering My Mother.

"TO LOVE MERCY is a jivey, jazzy story of race, religion, family and coming of age in post war Chicago. Two boys from wildly different backgrounds learn the universal truths of being human. You'll fall in love with them!-- Barbara Esstman, author, Night Ride Home

"This lively first novel, full of authentic details of the period, rings with humor and wisdom." -- Ann L. McLaughlin, author, The House on Q Street

"Frank Joseph is a real writer and TO LOVE MERCY is a treat for the ear, the eye, and the heart." -- J. Morris, author, Pregnant Blue

"A timeless story about forgiveness. Frank Joseph knows how kids think, talk and feel. I couldn't put it down." -- Beth Rubin, author, Split Ends