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The Chicago Trilogy

Tales of Blacks and Whites, Christians and Jews, how

children view the world, conflict and forgiveness … and

Chicago at mid century, a great city going up in flames.

Frank S. Joseph is the award-winning author of the “Chicago Trilogy,” novels that tell a panoramic tale of race, religion and social conflict in mid century Chicago. Chicago born and bred, Frank cut his journalistic teeth at the storied City News Bureau of Chicago and served his apprenticeship in the Chicago bureau of The Associated Press covering the ghetto riots of the mid ‘60s. He left The AP as night city editor but returned the following summer to cover the 1968 Democratic Convention street disorders. Frank came to Washington in 1969, landing at The Washington Post during the Watergate years, then went on to a career in specialized publishing during which he co-founded or founded two companies that each won numerous awards. He and his wife Carol Jason, an artist and sculptor, live in Chevy Chase MD. They are the parents of Sam and Shawn.